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We are a family owned business and we love to create items with wood! Our journey began the winter of 2015. From then, we have built a workshop, a studio, an office, two websites, multiple relationships with awesome people AND we're still rocking! Every day is an interesting and enjoyable Journey. We are always finding new and better ways to build our items and business.

Each item is unique! No two items are exactly the same. Our items have individual charm due to materials or decorating techniques. Therefore, please expect some differences as items may vary slightly from images.

We have the upmost respect for you and your family. That's why all cleaners, products and materials are taken into consideration for our planet and neighbors. We use organic cleaners and NEVER use harsh materials. Period.

We promise to routinely search new and advanced ways to reduce our carbon footprint and to implement those that hold true.

Our greatest asset is you, our customers and friends! Thank you for your comments, suggestions, compliments, and insight!

     Tera and Mike